Mr. Elvis Richard.

Chief Executive Officer/Chairman, Board of Trustees.

Mr. Elvis Richard is the new Chief executive officer/Chairman, board of trustees. He holds a bachelor's degree in Estate Management and Valuation from the prestigious University of Manchester, England. He went ahead to bag a master's degree in Marketing from University of Cambridge. Mr. Richard is a member of several financial institutions recognized all over the world. He has a special bias on forex trading and stock exchange. He believes we can still make Apex great again.

Mr. Paul Kevin.

Chief Accountant/
Company's Comptroller.

He is
responsible for all aspect of
finances including internal/
external audits, treasury,
procurement, distributions
and investor relations. He is a
chartered accountant for several
company across the globe and
has a special training in Forex
trading and Binary. Mr. Paul has
so many divisional roles in the
company, helping the business
reshape through acquisitions
and disposal as well as aiding
the transactions online through
restructuring and realignment

Mr. Andrew Anthony.

relations officer.

He is responsible
for the overall strategic directions
and day-to-day operations of
the company across the globes.
There are over 100 managing
directors are report directly
to him. As the chief strategic
officer, with responsibility for
developing and launching new
propositions and new business
coverages across the globe. He
led the Company's entry into
USA, Canada and Germany. He is
also an independent consultant
to several other companies. He
advises multinational companies
and variety of companies
on strategic and operational
initiatives covering growth, new
development, reorganization and
transformation amongst others.
Mr. Andrew has a Hons degree in
international relations and foreign

Mrs. Dorothy Rebecca

Managing Director

She is
responsible for overseeing
the overall strategic directions
and day-to-day operations of
the company in Africa. She is
well experienced in marketing,
strategic operations, business
development and transformation.
Mrs. Dorothy holds a PhD in
Economics from Yale University.

Mr. Daniel Brian.


He is
responsible for the legal and
corporate affairs of the company.
He oversaw the process for the
full transfer of ownership of
the company from the previous
board of trustees. He is also
the founder of BG little LLD, a
technology focused law firm in
Los Angeles. He is well grounded
in international company laws,
debt financing and services. He
holds LL.M in commercial law
from Cambridge University

Engr. Raymond Gregory

Technology Officer

He is responsible for all company's technology capabilities globally. Engr. Raymond has over 25 years experience in software development and information security, both for large and small scale companies.He has held various leadership positions in technology and information security in numerous industries. Engr. Raymond Gregory holds a bachelor's degree in software engineering and development.