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Apex Funding Solutions is a multi-purpose company which deals on Trade forex, stock CFDs, stock indices, oil and gold.
We originate and structure long-term, income focused investments for our stakeholders, families, foundations, institutions, and sovereigns. We operate globally and specialise in structured credit in segments that offer competitive returns on a risk-adjusted basis; specifically in the real estate, infrastructure, transportation, and private credit sectors inclusively

Through Apex Funding Solutions, people and organizations have the financial tools they need to fund successful projects and grow businesses, Clients can diversify their fixed-income portfolios and access attractive returns, create jobs, support local communities and drive the economy forward.

Our services.

In partnership with other major players, Were on a mission to help people raise funds for personal, business, project and charitable causes.We facilitate fundraising of all sizes.
With our fundraising platform for all, we are creating the mutual funding layer of the internet. So whether you are an individual in need of funds to pay your bills, a business owner who aspires for funds to support or grow your business, an investor who wants your money to go further, or an entrepreneur who needs fundraising to build businesses and create job opportunities, we believe in you. You are the ones we built Apex Funding Solutions for�are you ready to join us?

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At Apex Funding Solutions, We have taken the best parts of fundraising which allow you to register online on our platform and create a project with the amount you want to fundraise for your project.

NB. The percentage to pay to get your project funded after approval is between 50% to 70% of your project amount and is liable to change. Then your project-funds will completely be paid within 30 days without any further repayment from you. An experience that�s faster and more flexible.

How it works
Affiliate programme

Great empires are built through good partnerships and mutually beneficial alliances. Without it, a big investment program will fail to sustain. For this reason we have introduced 5% Referral bonus which you receive from your referrals first time deposit.

Unique, truly interactive service provision

At Apex Funding Solutions Ltd, We commit people, capital and ideas to help our clients, and the communities we serve to grow. We help markets remain efficient and liquid, So that Entrepreneurs, investors, Communities and Individuals can meet their financial needs, whether to invest for future, raise money to fund their projects and businesses or pay other bills.


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Jasonphumela444 R1,500 2021-11-7
venisamaele111 R2,000 2021-11-6
khayilevundla444 R4,000 2021-11-5
nomfundisomagagula500 R6,000 2021-11-5
zandilengwenya111 R5,000 2021-11-5
smangelemilanzi600 R7,500 2021-11-4
Jasonphumela444 R5,000 2021-11-4
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Sitholekhumalo900 R1,500 2021-11-7
marcusmadlala222 R2,000 2021-11-6
Mahubelematsho468 R4,000 2021-11-5
Zondomash400 R6,000 2021-11-5
makamadlala222 R5,000 2021-11-5
dlaminindlovu700 R7,500 2021-11-4
daminabomiyuki555 R5,000 2021-11-4